A Place For The Future Past

The Place is Found
April 20, 2006, 8:56 pm
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This is a blog about a place, and in the beginnings of this blog is the journey to the place.  A very special place, one that will be deserving of a recording of its beginnings — if all comes to pass. It will be a retirement place for some and a stepping stone for others.   It will be a gathering place, a
place of ancestral honoring, appreciation of our present and respect for the future in what we hope to leave behind.  I say we because I knew when I first gazed out from the balcony of the house that I could not keep this place to myself. 
But I'm getting ahead of myself here.  
I didn't go looking for this — I was looking for a few acres(western Washington state) and a comfortable house within a half hour from where I work (Auburn, WA).  A place big enough to raise my goats (I have dairy goats, Nubians) and keep my horse and care for my mother.  It would need to be large enough to possibly have my friend Emilie and her husband live also, to help.  This  process began over three years ago — when Mom had her minor car wreck and it became apparent that she was not able to drive herself or run her house alone.  Since she has no interest in assisted living and other such living arrangements, it would be better in so many ways to have her home with me.  But since where I live currently (double wide mobile home) is not adequate, I figured the best bet would be to sell both houses and buy a nice place with property.  It seemed a natural thing to do, especially since Mom grew up on a farm and would enjoy being surrounded by growing things and baby animals — without the hard work.  I could make a lovely, comfortable, interesting place for her to live out the rest of her days.  This plan was appealing to everyone, including my sister Jenny (who lives in faraway Maine).
That was three years ago.
Fixing up and selling Mom's place was handled well enough (also a mobile home — after four months in a hot market, we had ONE offer, that we pounced on) and moving her in with me (22 years worth of stuff piled atop my 20 years of stuff — oy vey) and working hard, living frugally that was the easy part!  The hard part was The Search.  Discouraging. Insanely high prices, high property taxes, very few places that could be worked with.  I tried to be as flexible as possible, but was disappointed over and over again.  Until my agent Maria sent me the link to this place, near Yelm, WA.  We went to see it, fell in love and put in a bid.  That was a year ago.
The bid was favorably received, but the next news was crushing — the seller needed to go through bancruptcy first.  Ugh.  Well, since this place was worth it, I decided to wait for it.  Now things are finally starting to happen…..
This is where it really gets interesting.  This place, this magical place was far more than a "few acres" and suddenly so much more was possible.  I had chatted with Donna Barr a year ago about the possibilities of the project and discovered the similarities between us.  It seems there were a few others who were dreaming of such a place to raise food, animals, play and live. 
And so we all wait, but hopefully…
So this blog is actually the prologue to this tale.  More to come….

And here's the link to that East coast Folk school that I found so inspiring.  It's sort of a massive version of what I'd like to see here:  Folkschool


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