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Roberta’s Words
April 21, 2006, 6:58 pm
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(Donna Barr, here — I'm pasting in Roberta's original email before the blog was set up).

Hi, all. I have just recovered from Norwescon, had to go home Monday and put together a lesson for my Tuesday class…. It was great going out and looking at possibilities. I love your vision, JoAnne! Please keep me posted.  I find I work much better sometimes with exponential energy, with others who are on the same page or have the same ideas…. it feeds more energy.

Contrast that to being around people who are negative, draining, discouraging.There are personal projects that take individual focus, shutting out all but the creative task immediately at hand, and we all know those, but then there are other times I find I thrive (and hopefully contribute) with the energy and ideas of others. I can do all sorts of things, even the muckiest. Donna will tell you, I am NOT squeamish… well, when my little greenling was thrashing its life away in the grass I was about on the verge of tears, so I probably should NOT try to kill anything. Other than that…. or once it's already dead…. I am still thinking about that ram-roast!!A good roof is important. Claire was saying Yelm got a whopping amount of rain compared to Seattle. Other than that….Here is a link to Ravencroft Garden's  website… theyhave things like herb classes, workshops, high-end products, etc. It may be inspiring….  Raven Croft Garden.


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Yeah I’m not squeamish either, there’s just no room for that when raising animals. I can’t bear to hear about eye surgery or root canal work, but when it comes to midwiving goats or stopping a dog from mauling a goat, you just have gotta what needs to be done. (the horrible day my Togg doe got mauled, that damn dog was very lucky I only had a baseball bat in my hands and not a gun)

My goat population is about to increase, BTW. I have five Nubian does, two are very very pregnant. Nubian goat milk is wonderful….last year I didn’t breed any of my does ’cause I figured I’d be moving. But this process of finding and then buying the property has taken so long that when my goats went into season last fall, I could not wait yet another year for baby goats and goat milk. So the two oldest does got bred. The other three will get bred next fall — when we have better accommodations built and a buck residing ON THE PROPERTY. Much easier than hauling in-season goats in my car five miles away to get hot goat sex!

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