A Place For The Future Past

So who the heck am I?
April 21, 2006, 4:56 pm
Filed under: Fun on the Road

My name is JoAnne Kirley. I run a little costume shop I started from scratch some 24 years ago. My two children (Janette and Michael) have grown and moved out, now my Mom lives with me, so my caretaker duties continue. Not that I mind — I'm very happy to be the soft place for my Mom to live out the rest of her days, she and Dad (who passed in 1989) were always there for me.

I've known Donna for years and years, mostly through the sci-fi/fantasy conventions. I'm usually invited as a pro costumer, she's in as a writer/artist (just to name two of her talents). I like to dress up at these conventions, usually in elegant and beautiful period costumes. The exception is fun too. I can recall with fondness one Rustycon (too many years ago to count except to remember my son was no more than thigh-high at the time, now he's 6'3"). The Friday night theme was a casino, so a couple of friends borrowed slinky, glittery 20's costumes and I chose to be their escort wearing a man's three piece pinstriped suit. Black fedora, black shirt, white tie — and makeup designed to repel. Dirty with a five o'clock shadow, mustache — and a nasty scar that travelled across my nose and down my cheek. Eeeeuuuuwwww.

Being an actress at heart, I soon perfected the walk and talk and manner. Spying Donna across the hall, I oiled my way over to her. With my sleeziest grin, I intoned "Hey baby, how's ya doin"

She gave me a single appalled look and expertly scooted safely away from my clearly disreputable self. You have to do that at these cons, it's a survival skill. She disappeared in seconds, and I went on to creep out my next victim. It was a fun night (grin)

The next day, now more elegantly attired, I approached her and was hailed heartily with a "HI JOANNE!!! When did you get in?" I reminded her that we had met the previous evening.

Blank stare.

So I repeated "Hey baby, how's ya doin'" (I tried to repeat the body language as well but it was tricky while wearing a Victorian corset)

Bingo! The light went on! OH MY GHOD THAT WAS YOU?????

hehehe I just love doing that ;-D


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