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Garlic, anyone?
April 25, 2006, 3:30 am
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(JoAnne here)

There's nothing new to report.

The last we heard from the other side was two weeks ago, when a number was presented for the larger parcel with house. A number that we are happy to accept. Then they assured us that the number for the second parcel would be coming from their accountant in "a couple of days".

To understand what that means, you have to understand the speak of these people. The whole thing was only supposed to take four to six months. Now, we are approaching the full year later mark. So "a couple of days" actually means "a couple of weeks….maybe" SIGH

So today I have given my agent a poke, who will then call the other agent and give him a poke. Not that it will produce anything, just a poke to let them know we are still here and very ready.

The waiting is the hardest part. Work, chores, repairs, repeat. Tend the goats, sew for clients, tend to Mom, visit the horse, vary the schedule slightly here and there. BOR-ing.

So to give myself a break, I allowed myself a little garden time. I love my garden, it will be hard to leave it behind. I am basically fixing it up for the next owner, whoever that may be. As part of the pre-move, I have been digging out and potting some of my older treasured plants (roses, artichokes, strawberries, etc) as well as hundreds upon hundreds of garlic plants.

I hope everyone likes garlic…..


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There is no such thing as too much garlic. I have rhubarb, several fruit trees, and lots of potatoes coming up.

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