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Modular Goat Barns
April 26, 2006, 7:38 pm
Filed under: Fun on the Road

JoAnne here.

How strange, you might think. Maybe even a little crazy. No, no, hear me out…

While we are waiting, my future land steward Emilie and her husband have been scavenging and storing good waste lumber and stuff. While that will continue, he has come up with a rather brilliant plan: pre-fab goat barns. Small units that can be combined to make larger units, but more importantly, mobile. So that they can be pre-built, small enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck and moved to the new site, then set up in temporary pen, for immediate housing for our precious, over-domesticated caprines. The idea is based on the surety that when moving day finally arrives, the list of things that must be done will be about a mile long, maybe two. And the faster we can get the goats safe and comfortable, the sooner we can then turn to the other items on the list.

Also the idea is to make their new pens temporary, because the goats will have a job to do too — brush and blackberry clearing, without having to resort to tethering them. Once they clear (and fertilize) a designated area, it will be simple to move the fencing and lift the barns to the new spot, leaving a cleared and fertilized area to prep for gardening.

Like I said, brilliant!

In the meantime, here I am on baby watch. Lady and Lulu’s due date approaches — May 1st. They are both getting truly huge, but I think Lulu will be first to freshen (goat talk for have her babies). I think she is carrying two kids, maybe three. In anticipation I am pulling together the delivery kit : old clean towels, scissors and string, iodine (for navels) molasses (for mom). I’m glad the date will be soon — Lulu’s feet are terribly overgrown, but it’s too near her due date to trim them now, the stress of getting their feet done has been known to cause early births and with a gestation period of five months, every day counts. Once she is up on the milking table (and secured) it will be a simple matter to do a foot trim as well.

In the garden, the spinach leaves are the size of quarters and the asparagus is coming up (in their temporary bed). Also the peas are coming in strong. Radishes, too…..


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