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The Waiting Game
May 5, 2006, 6:15 am
Filed under: Community On The Earth

JoAnne here.

Hm, so I can’t count.  We won’t be seeing baby goats here for at least another three weeks, yikes!  Five months after breeding won’t happen until around the first of June not May.  Those poor girls, they are already big.  When due date finally arrives, I can tell I’ll be needed to untangle kids…

As for moving into my shop — ain’t gonna happen 😉  It’s already full of costumes, plus Mom’s and my overflow stuff — which has made it considerably easier to live here, but is making work more challenging.  Besides, it would be illegal, it’s zoned commercial – manufacturing (never mind that folks probably live upstairs — they are not supposed to and have to hide when the fire department comes to inspect).  And alas, Clallam Bay would be too far. But thanks much.

 But the proposal my neighbors are making is to buy my home then allow me to rent until we move — provided that it’s soon — an agreement I would not consider were it to be longer than two-three months away. I really do feel we’ll know yes or no about this place any time now.

 And, the news that I have a pre-approved buyer in place for my home had the effect I was hoping for — my agent Maria immediately laid new pressure on the other side.  They understand the concept of “move it or lose us”. That pressure applied, we will see what develops…


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