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Overcoming the hurdles
May 23, 2006, 2:24 pm
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JoAnne here.

It is especially hard to face a case of vandalism — with all the challenges one needs to face in any endeavor, dealing with human sabotage is cruel and unfair. My heart goes out to you, Donna.

I had several years of tension with an evil neighbor — a nasty little man who lived next door and did all sorts of horrible things to my property and to my goats. I finally had to spring for a cheap video surveillance system — but I think it was the sign warning “video surveillance” that did the trick — we never had any trouble after that. That he finally moved out helped too! (Since then, the setup had enabled my son to catch a petty thief at his apartment — handy little gadget!) Bullies who vandalize are cowards at heart.

On this front, I sat with my neighbors Sunday and signed a buyers agreement, starting the ball rolling to sell my place, woohoo! Then the next day came with the news that if the mobiles were on the property at the time of selling them they would have to pass inspection — which they ain’t gonna do. HA! It doesn’t make sense — if they were even CLOSE to being able to pass inspection, I would be selling for mucho $$ more. Duh!
It’s like when I was trying to refi my place before — I wanted to get equity funds to repair my place, in anticipation of selling it. They said it would have to pass inspection first. Huh? I told them if I could afford repairs now, I wouldn’t be coming to them for the money for repairs.
Well, we will work that problem through with my neighbors and find a different way. It’s never simple, is it?

In the meantime Sunday I also enlarged the Goat Gazebo for the now VERY large preggos — less than two weeks to go! I also went on a shopping foray with Emilie, securing the supplies necessary to get her set up for the pheasant chicks that are also due to arrive in about two weeks.

And, I gave Maria another nudge.


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