A Place For The Future Past

June 18, 2006, 3:27 pm
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JoAnne here.

I got an update from Maria yesterday. Well not so much an update but more a check-in. She reported that she had finally heard back from Greg (the other agent) but that he had called and left a message in response to an earlier message to him. Mostly he was whining about how hard it was to get ahold of the seller’s attorney, how unusual a transaction this was, etc, etc. One interesting nugget was that they might be interested in leasing the place to us in the meantime, during this endless interum. My input was that it should be with the assurance of a sale (of course TO US) at the end of it. That would be a far less desired resolution but it would at least get things rolling. It would also help speed the sale of my present home as we could get stuff moved out and plants moved.

Meanwhile the costume shop has never been busier. I have three weddings in progress, the Adeline jackets order, a handful of smaller orders and the light assortment of daily rentals.

The babies are growing well, they are providing many hours of entertainment for my mom, she can easily come out to rub them or view them from the window — I have built the nursery so that it is open to view from the house, about twenty five feet away. When the new place is set up, I want to be sure she can continue to easily interact with the animals, they are keeping her moving and happy. I’m also going to get her back into gardening there — on her own scale of course but mostly to keep her active, mentally and physically.

That’s the plan, anyway, at least part of it. And so I (continue to) wait.


Putting things together…
June 11, 2006, 2:29 pm
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….bit by bit. I haven't written anything for awhile (obviously), Life has been flowing a fast stream of stuff at me as I continue to keep all balls juggling.

Baby goats are doing great. Pictures will come as soon as I get fresh batteries. Lulu's babies (Luther and Luci) and Lady's baby Lana (can you sense a trend here?) all strong and healthy, and both moms tend all babies. Initially matriarch Lady had claimed all babies, which made Lulu easy to become reaccustomed to milking, but Lulu persevered in creeping into the nursery whenever possible. Now her presense is tolerated. Both moms get milked twice daily and are producing well enough for me. I'm already overflowing with goat milk and goat cheese. Yesterday I had a small omelet filled with savory herb goat cheese and a garden sinach salad with more crumbled on top.

Emilie's pheasant project is going well. I helped get her set up — she has a small wading pool lined with newspaper, complete with a heat lamp and several waterers and feeders, and pinned up shhets for draft proctection. Two days after they decided they would need to erect chicken wire around the outside too. The supplier and all books we have read warn about the high mortality rate of pheasant chicks, so we have steeled ourselves not to get too attached to the outcome of this initial project. The suppliers even throw in extra chicks to make up for those lost in shipping, we ordered 30 chicks and 31 came packed like sardines in a corner of a cardboard box (with the labels that screamed LIVE ANIMALS, DELIVER IMMEDIATELY you can imagine the concerned attention it got at the local post office). Well, almost two weeks old, there are still 31 chicks. All thriving. So far so good there 😉

Meanwhile, a local metal/leather craftsperson friend has asked if there couldn't be a way that he might get space for a metal shop at the Folktalk Project, which I felt we could. This will be a major boost to Emilie's husband Red, who has a keen interest with building armor and has put together some beginning pieces, but is handicapped by a lack of proper tools, equipment and instruction. Fertile ground that might well produce well, with the right master teacher.

And, the neighbor/buyer and I have been busy prepping my mobile for inspection. A daunting task, but with their help more progress is being made.