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Night of Terror
July 4, 2006, 2:38 pm
Filed under: Fun on the Road

Not much has been happening, but also much has been happening. With the Project deal, there is a chain of persons who all need to be present for anything to happen, these days it seems someone is always on vacation. On the plus side, I have located an engineer who will barter his services — his wife and daughters are addicted to Renfaires and the season is upon us.

Business at the shop is booming, and I have slipped into a highly productive mode. I have the upcoming class for Costume College to plan (15 students for Regency corsets to draft patterns and make kits for — August 3-7), Renaissance- Rococo weddings (just sent one out, another goes out next week and a BIG one in November, plus a couple of gowns for a third), the Adeline order (about a third finished — that’s due in September), and a half dozen or so other orders and alterations (ugh, the sacrifices I am making).

 Plus work on the house is progressing — the roof has been adequately patched , and I continue to muck out the porch room, prepping it for demolition.  Plants continue to get dug up and potted.

The upcoming Camlann show runs from end of July through summer, and since we don’t know about the property I’ve decided to keep up the usual plan until we need to change that. So the shop is now closed on weekends, which will call for a little more care and energy. And, I have less time to finish projects in, so the I’m trying to get projects finished ahead of time to allow for the loss of Saturdays. At the Camlann show I play Lady Elizabeth and watch over my horse (and the others if needed), and network. After three summers, this year I’ll be getting paid, too. Life is good! (I just have to keep earning it) Lady Elizabeth is a fun part too — this year I’m going to see if I can make her an even more interesting character 😉

The babies are getting bigger and the little snots have figured out they can slip through the wire fence to daily create havoc in the open area, where they can easily reach the past prime spinach and the pole beans. They aren’t full foliage eaters yet but are giving it great happy energy, the darlings. How can I be mad, I need to wrap another layer around the fence.

I am dreading tonight, the 4th of July. Algona lives just downhill from the Muckleshoot Reservation. The neighborhood will erupt into something resembling Bunker Hill. I will have to bathe in Deet then go out and sit with the terrified goats, poor things. Not fun, even though it is spectacular.

I keep getting images in my head, of the various projects in progress of the Project. These images are vivid and detailed, and appear randomly or when prompted by seeing anything that might work for the Project. Gardens with their trellises and arbors, sheds, barns and pastures, greenhouses — there I go again….. I’m not sure how to handle these visions. On one hand it’s easy to slip into pleasant day dreaming and feel the glow of excitement wash over me. But while the waiting game is being played, there’s also that pang of frustration, which is not so pleasant.So I find myself suppressing some thoughts as temptations to be avoided. The whole thing can get pretty old. Well, back to work, work is the way out (of this one anyway)


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