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It Comes Down To This
July 14, 2006, 4:25 am
Filed under: Fun on the Road

Maria finally got her call from Greg and she got his OK to talk directly with the seller’s attorney (Greg says the attorney has not returned his calls. Not Good) so we can find out where we stand. We got confirmed from Greg something we had been suspecting, that the attorney is the wild card here. What we knew for sure was that James (the seller) had some outstanding debt to clear away before the land could get transferred back to his name and sold to us. What we DIDN’T know for sure but suspected was that it has been the attorney who loaned James his money and so that’s why the lands are now in the attorney’s name. And the attorney has an interest in the property.
So Maria will be calling Thomas (the attorney) to see if there is a chance for us, if the seller still intends to sell to us. And if there are currently any impediments perhaps we could put our heads together to prepare a deal that will fit the situation (for it is in this kind of creative problem solving where Maria excels)
So Monday Greg gets back into town and will give us Thomas’ number then. And if we don’t hear from Greg on Monday Maria will get the number herself on Tuesday and call.

If Thomas takes the call, then we should find out one way or another. If The Project is alive or if I have to start looking elsewhere (for something far smaller, if what I’ve seen most recently will be the case).

So, rewind back to May 2005 when we first submitted our bid but were told that James had been advised by his attorney to declare bancruptcy first…could this be the same attorney? If so, he sure brokered himself a sweet, sweet deal. Maybe not so much in his clients’ interest but very much so for himself — brings one to recall the old saying, you can steal more with a briefcase than with guns.

Sneaky bastard.


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