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July 31, 2006, 6:59 pm
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Apparently someone on the sellers’s side has Googled my name, gone to this blog, read about my ‘dream community’ and decided that that’s not who they want to sell to. Maybe now would be a good time to point out that while building a network of friends around me in preparation for my golden years is indeed something I want to do, it’s obviously not going to happen right away — in fact very very slowly — as in YEARS and YEARS. And if local codes and laws do not allow, or the neighbors do not want, then the dream in that form simply would not happen. Whatever does happen would be beneficial to all. ALL. End of story!
I am a teacher by nature, and very consious of our human responsibilities in thoughtful stewardship of our earth, including alternate energy, organic food production, etc. My most immediate needs are to provide for my mom and for my animals (a small herd of goats and my horse). My immediate wish is to create a beautiful place for my mother to spend her last years in. That alone will take some time, as I am very much a small scale kind of person. I do not rush forth with untested and unresearched plans — I like to think things through and pay for things upfront whenever possible. And while I admire the teaching folk communities elsewhere, I know full well that what they are would not fit me exactly. But their missions in life are to be commended and maybe patterned after — some concepts adapted as possible and others set aside as not practical or appropriate. And like I said, if what I am dreaming about does not fit the reality, then I would be the first to alter the dream so that it works for everyone involved.


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I wonder what they meant by that. But if you’re dealing with prejudices, perhaps this isn’t the place? Then again, it may be a teaching moment; a way for the seller to learn something good that opens up their life. Who could turn down beauty and care of the land and the future of the people?

Comment by Donna Barr

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