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On the Road again…
August 19, 2006, 3:56 pm
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Emilie and I went to look at a 20 acre parcel yesterday, nestled deep in the Cedar River Watershed, in Mount Taylor Forest. At first sight it looked a steal at $399K, in King County yet. But upon closer look, the ten year old house was more of a converted shop (becoming a combo house/shop)than comfortable living, with LOTS of problems. We could get along alright with all the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, but Mom wouldn’t, we’d need major renov’s just to get moved in. And while spacious, the land is subject to CAO, if we didn’t opt to remain in the Forest Stewardship plan. Stay in the plan and get low property taxes. But only get to use roughly 3 – 4 acres. Yikes.


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I wish you could come out here; land is still available, but prices going up. Locals would be definitely open to such ideas as ours (others wouldn’t, but no place is perfect). But admittedly a terrible long way to go, especially if people are boarding their horses. And you’d have to keep mules with the horses, in case of cougars. Or plant lots and lots of fast-growing bush roses at the border of the property, to use the deer as a buffer population for the cougars to eat (they prefer them anyway; sheep and horses are an emergency or shortage food for them).

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