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Once more, into the breach….
September 1, 2006, 3:15 am
Filed under: Fun on the Road

Yesterday Maria, Emilie, Red and I went to check out a couple of sites, the 58+ acre and the 1880’s farmhouse (with 14.5 acres). The 1880’s one was cute, but the land was bad — stuck into a hillside that hung out over a road, with a blind corner on the second driveway.

Then we went to the 58+ acres one, the one I’ve been truly eager to see. It’s an interesting house, built around a single wide mobile home. I know I exclaimed NO MOBILE HOMES but the extent of the building around the frame of the original home was completely stickbuilt, remodelling done to the extent that it is no longer considered a mobile home. The guy completely went through it and then built out in both directions, installing a huge living room plus a couple of utility rooms on the other side. And on the property is a fully ready small barn, plus a detached two car garage (enclosable for winter-over storage).

It’s zoned forest, with three acres pulled for residential. That’s why the taxes are so low. I can pull acreage as I need it, and still run trails and pens and outbuildings for goats and horses. Well planned they should not conflict with the forestry zoning.

The roads are good all the way — right off of Hwy 6 just down the road from the town of Dryad. (look that up, Donna — it’s just down south and over a bit for you — you could stop in on your way to or from Norwescon hee hee).

The perimeter is fenced — saving on major fencing costs as well as eliminating the need for a surveyor.

Puget Power very recently sank the overhead powerlines (upgrading the gravel driveway as they did, thank you!)

The south border runs along a abandoned rail trail that apparently is used for hikers and horses — foot traffic only. The trail runs all the way into Chehalis (I think — 16 miles away).

It’s move-in ready for humans now, and with some minor fencing installed, for the animals too. Oh, a circle drive (for horse trailers).

Now the bad: Em and Red fear it’s too far a commute for them (80 miles, it touches the outer perimeter of their ability to travel) It’s an hour and a half from the shop, with good traffic. It’s also not got a seperate dwelling ready for them, I’d have to install a small mobile or similar for whoever I contract to come out and help.

So that’s a decision they will need to make.

In the meantime it’s got a great place for Mom — both bedrooms are large and have their own full bath. The enclosed front yard should be very easy for her to get to and enjoy, and there is a big deck out the front (outside the large living room). Oh yes — the deck is wrapped around a three foot deep, 24′ wide pool. The pool is set up for swimming but that will change. I could see a covering and a transformation into more deck space or a small courtyard garden or even a fish raising pool — lots of possibility there!

Can you tell, I like this place?

More soon….


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