A Place For The Future Past

September 17, 2006, 2:10 pm
Filed under: Community On The Earth

As the day for moving approaches, while at sleep I am finding myself dreaming about moving. In my dreams it is an adventure, no doubt it will be so in realtime. At least I will have plenty of help, folks are offering themselves left and right — highly unusual in my experience (but we will see closer to when the time comes).
A great deal of my old furniture is not going to make it to the the place ;-P I’ve been saving my pennies and making do with some pretty ratty furnishings so that unless they can do a radical makeover, they’re not coming in the door 😉 On the other hand, I can’t go around buying new things all at once just yet — a large amount is being set aside for initial setup for the animals- tack room, feed storage, pens for goats, pen and stall setup for Chance, dairy area for milking goats (with a stand), oh the money will flow…So unless they are immediately thrown or given away, the two car detached garage will become their Purgatory while their fate is decided.
Inspection is tomorrow. I’ll try and remember to take my camera, and Em and I will go Wednesday (if it’s okay with the Carls) to draw up a layout and start planning. Red and Em have scored cyclone fencing which will be dandy to use for temp fencing and also permanent penning later for billy goats. Getting Mom set up is first priority, animals second, then third a caretakers dwelling for Em and Red, all in close succession.
I’ve been checking out places online and having catalogs sent, the favorite by far is the yurt catalog. Oh yes, Donna, there will be YURTS ;-D
Meanwhile, it’s back to work for me — the mountain of sewing to finish with deadlines — and paychecks — looming….


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