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Happy Birthday to Me!
September 22, 2006, 2:36 pm
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Yesterday was my birthday. How did I spend it? Sewing (finishing the Master and Commander set for a wedding, yum yum) working at the shop (good day) and then some Drama —

The Inspector ( Michael Glendenning, who did an excellent job, complete with photos taken during the inspection) had sent his report to me but not one to Maria. In the last few hours before my Inspection Reply deadline was due was some scurrying about — getting a list of minor items written up and sent. Then I crashed early, having only taken a short nap for a couple of days.

Wednesday Em and I walked the fenceline (or most of it) of the new place with Mr Carl. The beautifully cleared fenceline made of new materials. Only one short length was unfenced, SE, the outer strip that runs bewteen the Willapa Trail and the easement road to the neighbors place. All the rest is done, with a gate out front. Oh my! The fencing is a combination of wire, metal posts with occasional heavy wood set in concrete, electric wire, with two strands of barbed wire along the top (pretty much at shoulder level). I’m not crazy about the barbed wire because of possible danger– that stuff is wicked if a length ever got ripped off and tangled up, but it’s a very effective fence — already in place. I feel like I’ve just spotted a Shiparelli original in a Goodwill store, but have not yet made it to the register yet.

The land for the most part is level, with some sloping here and there. Foothills kind of topography. It was logged in 1993 and replanted — so the Douglas fir is all about 13 years old, with a healthy amount of ash, alder, maple, wild rose, wild berries. Very few toxic plants seen — a couple of tansy and few horsetail, easily managed if we keep on them we can keep controlled mechanically.

The land on the east side, where the neighbors are closest, has deep forest — probably kept that way because of the spring that runs through it from north to south — a small unnamed year-round water source. We have a second well run from that — a simple pump system that maintains the landscaping and animals water.

More later — gotta get back to sewing…


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