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Why Look, Toto — It’s Tuesday
October 25, 2006, 3:53 am
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…And we still have not closed. The Carls signed Thursday, which gave me a premature sense of euphoria, in imagining us moved in and settled, over the weekend. What a lovely, light-filled fantasy that was! And the weather was glorious, too. Em, Red and Michael and I did drive down and look around the barn and garage and yurt area somewhat though. But because I had not signed yet, it was too soon to move anything, even into the barn.

Monday came and went, with the last minute flurry of suddenly vital HUD statements and the latest bank statements. Today creaked agonizingly along, with me jumping at every phone call, praying that we would schedule a closing signing this evening and I could get my grubby, anxious hands on the keys. But nothing. Finally about 4 PM Maria called to update me, and I asked what was the possibility of signing and moving tomorrow (my last day off until after Halloween). Not very good, a slim chance. Great, I grumped. Swell. We would close and I wouldn’t be able to move in for days. And this weekend, the biggest weekend of the year for a costume shop, would command my attendance during the day. And Michael, who turns 21 on the 29th, would not be able to help us later Saturday, he is looking forward to celebrations with his friends.

So I whined, and Maria back to her phone and did her best to move things along. And now we hear that the documents from the bank will be in first thing in the morning. So I may be doing a morning signing, then immediately plunging into an abbreviated version of what I had been planning last weekend — moving and setting up just the essentials, then getting Red and Em kickstarted in the weekend move (which will be their stuff and when they move onto the property). In between I will swing by the vacated home in Algona, filling the car with more boxes on the way home from work.

Oh well, nothing to do except go with the flow. Kind of what I was doing 21 years ago. I was three weeks late, looked like I was having twins, had made myself a huge devil woman dress for Halloween. Then boom, I had Michael two days before Halloween. And I can assure you, that was one Halloween I had absolutely no interest in at all. So I guess this Halloween won’t be quite that tough. I hope!


Clearing the Field…
October 17, 2006, 1:29 pm
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TransUnion has investigated, found Not On File, and deleted those two “tax liens” that were plaguing me, and now I am cleared for takeoff. There was a last minute change in title companies, so there is that wrinkle to iron out, hopefully Hometown Escrow is highly competant and can get done what needs to get done by Friday. Otherwise, we will not be able to move this weekend.

It’s a horrible thought, because that means, that while Red will be back from Union School to help us, unfortunately I will have to work the costume shop during the day, taking huge daylight chunks out of both Saturday AND Sunday. If we were able to move THIS weekend I expect to work Saturday, moving one load before and one after work, then move move move all Sunday, making Sunday moving Mom and goats day.

AND moving this weekend would give us TWO weeks to get the barn ready for Chance, who is coming November 5th.

So, loan is ready, fingers are crossed…light a candle, say a mantra..



Another hurtle crossed
October 8, 2006, 1:58 pm
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Twelve days until closing.

The appraiser has finally submitted, and her report accepted. So now those pesky liens. Monday morning I will brave Seattle Monday morning rush hour traffic and go in with hopes of getting an official letter from someone at the King County Courthouse clearing my name with them. This letter will be faxed to both TransUnion (hopefully into the inbox of the helpful man who gave specific instructions on what to do and who to send it to — unlike the other unhelpful voices on the phone). The letter alone may be enough for the all-powerful Underwriter. If not, TransUnion can extradite the issue and clear me hopefully in time (I would think that a company in the business of providing information would want correct information — and as soon as possible).

As that nice helpful man said, there’s always something you can do.

Today I will ride again. Last Sunday was the first day in I’m ashamed to admit how long ago — months since I was out on horseback. And the first trail ride in over a year. Gotta get the horse department brought up to date, and fast. Chance will be used quite alot, in various ways. every time Red or Em bring up getting an ATV to do small to medium sized chores I remind them we’ll have Chance to help us. I’d like to continue to pursue a simpler way of doing things, besides, it will be more interesting for Chance, he’s completely bored these days. The activity and constant interaction will do him good.
So today’s ride helps get me introduced to riding again too, riding fence lines will be a constant chore. I also want to develop trails….

Twelve days.

Ever closer….
October 5, 2006, 12:17 pm
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As closing approaches, hurdles pop up. We wait on the appraiser. And, two nuisence liens have resurfaced, supposed tax liens. Odd, since the sale of my property closed over last weekend.

A call put in to TransUnion brought forth docket numbers, amounts and dates. And, that they were owed to King County. Very odd, since two sweeps done by Fidelity Title showed nothing.

So, King County, eh? Today I drove in to Seattle (in my farming clothes thank you very much) checkbook in hand, to give them the money, making sure they wrote the docket numbers, etc. I figured if I send in the receipt we could call that hurdle cleared. BUT King County would not take my money.

Their records showed the same thing Fidelity Title had found. Nothing.

So I went back to the shop and called TransUnion again, telling my tale to them. End of story is that the two liens might be gone from my records tomorrow.

Oh, and down payment was sent off for the first yurt. It it is scheduled to arrive Nov 8.