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Another hurtle crossed
October 8, 2006, 1:58 pm
Filed under: Fun on the Road

Twelve days until closing.

The appraiser has finally submitted, and her report accepted. So now those pesky liens. Monday morning I will brave Seattle Monday morning rush hour traffic and go in with hopes of getting an official letter from someone at the King County Courthouse clearing my name with them. This letter will be faxed to both TransUnion (hopefully into the inbox of the helpful man who gave specific instructions on what to do and who to send it to — unlike the other unhelpful voices on the phone). The letter alone may be enough for the all-powerful Underwriter. If not, TransUnion can extradite the issue and clear me hopefully in time (I would think that a company in the business of providing information would want correct information — and as soon as possible).

As that nice helpful man said, there’s always something you can do.

Today I will ride again. Last Sunday was the first day in I’m ashamed to admit how long ago — months since I was out on horseback. And the first trail ride in over a year. Gotta get the horse department brought up to date, and fast. Chance will be used quite alot, in various ways. every time Red or Em bring up getting an ATV to do small to medium sized chores I remind them we’ll have Chance to help us. I’d like to continue to pursue a simpler way of doing things, besides, it will be more interesting for Chance, he’s completely bored these days. The activity and constant interaction will do him good.
So today’s ride helps get me introduced to riding again too, riding fence lines will be a constant chore. I also want to develop trails….

Twelve days.


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