A Place For The Future Past

Ah, the country life…
November 19, 2006, 5:08 pm
Filed under: Community On The Earth

Getting set up is turning out to take longer than first thought. But it’s satisfying work nonetheless, trying to do things right the first time, planning where best to set up things like greenhouses, compost bins, chicken coops, storage, storage, storage. A burn pile for empty boxes and junk mail and many years of personal records too important to stick into the trash too much to shred. Starting a bin for earthworm food with coffee grounds and eggshells and such, unpacking the steady stream of boxes still coming in from the Algona place, as well as premoved stuff that rested temporarily in the back corners of the costume shop (oh to clear some space in there!) Hopefully soon I will be able to excavate my mattresses and give up sleeping on the couch.

Goat pens are slow to get done, hampered by wet weather and schedules. The windstorm last week caused a 14 hour outage at the worst possible time, while I was finishing an enormous wedding order (must research propane generators), and daily we lose a couple of minutes of sunshine to the approaching winter — but all are snug and dry and well fed.

Immediate concerns are planning and preparing for the incoming yurt kit (scheduled to arrive the day before Thanksgiving) and finding where to get chips to spread in the list of places that the mud will be out of control. There’s also a local quarry that is going to get checked out for gravel, rock and other stuff. And I have barely touched the plants still in the ground in Algona — probably the project for December.

We’ve already had a few guests over, hoping that there will be more. Upcoming spinning retreats and outdoor games and other such fun stuff are discussed daily, planning, planning…..


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