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November 20, 2006, 3:18 am
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Dryad’s Rest.

Thank you, Judith for your wonderful contribution. Em and I were quite unable, despite much wracking of brains.

Now, the bad news. Today I saddled up Chance and rode north through Tanglewood to the upper line to witness utter devastation. Last week we could hear sawing and crashing from the Weyerhauser property just north of us and watched the line of dark trees disppear from our view, the ridge speedily appearing naked beyond us. Today I was able to come out of our little forest to view the fallen giants just beyond our fenceline. Today being Sunday it was quiet but tomorrow they will be back to fell the remaining few. They will probably be done by Thanksgiving.

We rode along west. The new bareness extended along about two thirds of the upper line, the small blue strips of plastic evidently marking where to stop. We rode on to the NW corner and turned south. About three quarters down we had to turn back — the windstorm had taken a victim, a full grown fir of the neighbors to the west came down between posts and taken a section of wire to the ground. Something to repair down the road.

We turned back and rode past the devastated forest, turning in occasionally to investigate a deer trail (and possible future trail for us, bring the loppers!), going past the Tanglewood trailhead on east, we came to the stream. The tiny stream — so tiny it has no official name — that runs from north to south, cutting through my property and briefly, my neighbor’s property.

Now, for the comedy. The west bank of the very very small stream was a little steep, and the waters rushing and swollen from recent rains (add additional runoff from the newly raped property to the north) and where it wasn’t water it was mud. So I figure I would help by getting off my horse and leading him through it. Big mistake. I got off, started across, got two steps in and got mired down by the over-my-boottops mud, had a BIG horse have to put on his brakes and NOT climb ontop of me, while I was struggling he pushed past me, I lost my balance and sat in the mud but kept my boots on — they were almost sucked right off my feet by the deep mud — Chance kept going, I kept tight hold of the lead rope, told him to WALK ON and pull me on out of there — which he did — on up the east bank and onto the dry land above. Whew. I managed to get my very muddy butt back into the saddle and we continued east to the NE corner and turned south. We had much less trouble with the recross of the stream on the south end — it was broken into smaller creeks. Continued back and stripped the horse and then the rider.

The plundered forest is horrible. The Carls would be shocked — they had those tall trees as their neighbors all of those thirty years they were here. Now, we must surely expect to see runoff increase and must get used to the new view, without our old new friends.


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“Dryad’s Rest.” What an absolutely perfect name.

Resource industries — they never care about anything but themselves. The loggers brag about “killing trees.”

They also go hunting and brag about “drinking beer and killing deer.” This is a saying on a t-shirt right next to one saying “Deer and women should have two things — big racks!”

Destroying beautiful graceful things they can’t control = I think we can all make the connection with the way women are treated, can’t we?

Comment by Donna Barr

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