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Our First Thanksgiving Day
November 28, 2006, 2:45 am
Filed under: Community On The Earth

I took the day before off to prepare, fitting a trip to IKEA in for pantry shelves (but forgot to get feed bins). Thursday morning was cold and rainy — pelting rain but not too cold. I took Chance out onto Willapa trail just because, rain or no. We rode for a couple of miles (to Hope creek) and back, it was good to get out on horseback. Thanksgiving day itself felt odd, with both Emilie and I still strewn across three counties, but we celebrated with determination anyway as traditionally as possible. Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, all the favorites were there. I collected Michael (Janette and Matthew were out of town with a funeral for Matt’s grandmother) and we had a traditional sit down around the table family dinner.

Next day more building materials, general stuff and plants from the Algona house. Enough wood to do the billy goat house (breeding season is upon us, can’t cheat the calender five months is five months, regardless of how ready we are). A lovely boy has been located and a Saturday trip after work is scheduled — soon all seven of these does will be bred. Fence posts are going in on the goat pen, soon they will come out of the barn into their own house.

The chickens are out of the barn, in their own pen. A second trip to IKEA –new feed storage bins in the den! (Angelic music can be heard) Lovely neat white bins all in a row, replacing untidy, tearing, spilling paper 50# sacks.

Monday comes, a snow day is called, roads are too treacherous to travel yet. We accomplish much around the place, including poring over a newly drawn layout of the whole place. The greenhouse is planned, corner stakes placed. The first plant bed is planned, below the greenhouse. The sacks of manure I collected so many months ago will come soon and go there, starting the Victory Garden. We place some of the plants we’ve collected so far, near their new spots.

I hope the roads are clear enough tomorrow to get in to the shop, and of course collect more stuff from the old house. The flow of general stuff has slowed, more building materials and plants coming now. Many, many plants…..


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