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Merry Christmas!
December 27, 2006, 2:42 pm
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Our First Christmas and so much more settled in we are, thankfully. Such a busy four weeks since Thanksgiving!

The yurt has arrived. Did I mention it was actually a yurt kit? We await a floor package now, and it will get set up. The site has been selected and daily the goats are led out to munch brush where it is to go.

The Dryad’s Rest goat herd sire is home. His name is Walnut. After a couple of weeks kept in an adjoining pen, he now roams free amongst his new harem. Happy, happy boy! In four months, the babies should start arriving (Lana, Lady’s daughter will be first, we hope).

We survived our second power outage — a far more serious storm than the first, we were well prepared and very comfortable. I LOVE having a wood stove!

The flow of goods from Algona is coming to a close — with great success. We were able to get BOTH old grapevines, ALL of the rosebushes, all the strawberry plants, lavender, mints, blueberries, lilac bushes, jasmine bush, honeysuckle bushes, lumineria, clematis, herbs galore, many of the hundreds of bulbs and many, many bags of rich topsoil. A few more days left to get vehicles and soil and bulbs, then goodbye Algona!

We have scheduled our first Open House, set for New Year’s Day (with space available for those who wish to stay over the night before) with a horseback ride planned to Pe Ell (should more horses come a-visiting) with possible games planned for those without horses (I’ve been cutting trails whenever I get the opportunity).

The garden area is growing daily as plants get settled. Solstice has come and gone, the days are growing longer! HURRAH!!


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Oh, man, I want to be there right now, shovel in hand! That’s my kinda work.

But I don’t imagine you guys will ever run out of work I can do, will you?

Comment by Donna Barr

Never! The hard part will be deciding what to do first, then finishing — it’s soooo easy to get distracted by yet another job that begs for your attention….

Comment by wolffood

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