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New Arrivals
January 8, 2007, 1:54 am
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We have a new girl, Jennifer. She’s a mostly black Percheron/Quarterhorse four year old who will make a fine companion for Chance. One drawback however is that she’s completely green, never been ridden.She’s been home a week now and today got her first ride, I got on her back, a first for me too! A virgin ride for a virgin horsebreaker. I’ve had a good hand in training Chance, but someone else did the basics first. Both Jen and I did really well. I did my prep work by putting together the tack; saddle,$450, halter/bridle combo $59, 5 and a quarter inch D ring snaffle $20, stirrups $44, 34″ western girth $33, curb strap $12.

So while Red held Chance off to the side while Em and I tacked her up, Em held her and I climbed up and leaned on her back, then swung my leg over. Once I planted my seat and settled, she settled and dropped her head into place, just like that. We did some steps up and steps back, then I swung down, walked around her picking her feet up, no problems at all, what a good girl!

Next we will try riding her alongside of Chance, baby steps. So far her demeanor is soft and willing, and all the lessons are good.

Other developments — The goats have their pen! And we have our first barn side door! Such luxury to able to open the barn door (and not be knocked over by escaping livestock) open a side pen, open the door and chase them outside! We have been bringing the horses in at night, they share the center aisle. There has been some wild weather lately and we have outages.

Layout of the gardens continues to develop as sod gets dug up and replaced with plants or covered with chips — we have found a local source and have hauled several loads home. Soon the greenhouse will go up as we go in to winter. After that will be the dairy, by Easter. And in the meantime I continue to cut trails and pathways, and making discoveries.


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Would a visitor who understands her own responsibility be allowed up on the lovely Jennifer?

Comment by Donna Barr

She’s doing very well, so far a qualified maybe.

Comment by wolffood

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