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These Are The Times…
January 17, 2007, 5:00 pm
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that test us, surely. Life here at Dryad’s Rest have been a series of challenges and triumphs. Freezing weather has preserved the beautiful snowscapes around us, unfortunately we also have frozen pipes. BUT we have nearby a very large swimming pool that has a full supply of fresh rainwater — just chip an access hole and dip water for washing and filling toilet tanks. We have the woodstove going, heating large enamel pots with rainwater for washing dishes as well as keeping a teakettle with hot water (bottled town water). So we are camping very comfortably as we wait for the thaw.

The day before yesterday we cleaned the barn thoroughly and installed 3/4″ recycled rubber mats in all the open area — heaven! Now a clean barn every day is possible. And the heavy mats provide a surprising amount of insulation — several degrees difference on these icy mornings.

After cleaning and floor installing we saddled both horses. I climbed aboard Chance and Em led Jennifer down the driveway and down the trail west about a hundred feet. Then I changed horses and Em climbed on Chance and we rode back, Em holding Jen’s lead rope closely, but me beginning simple commands — walk, whoa, etc. Then we ended the lesson just at the right time, with lots of praise and treats. Jennifer’s first ride! Chance was somewhat bored by it all — though happy enough to be out, and only barely tolerated her young foolishness. She will learn quickly with him helping to teach 😉

Yesterday we introduced them both to electric fencing. No more hiking across the length of the property across all manner of terrain, lead rope in hand or shaking a grain can. Chance saw it going up and knew what it was all about. Jennifer required a test — yikes! Now we can fence off areas we want them to concentrate on and stay closer. What heaven!

Today I take Mom in to nearby Pe Ell for her monthly hair appointment, then home again to my sewing machine. Too snowy to dig.


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