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The big thaw
February 6, 2007, 1:22 pm
Filed under: Community On The Earth

The weather gods smiled briefly, and days have warmed. The first two days off with sun and no ice called for shovels and trowels and loppers! Much pruning has been done on neglected fruit trees, refuse burned, bulbs and starts planted. And sod lifted, yards of it. The vast expanse of backyard will eventually be grass-free — only gardens. But first a section at a time must be dug out and amended (FAR too early to plant directly) and most important — the area for the future greenhouse (one of many I hope) plotted and sod lifted. An amazing array of soil types have been discovered, from heavy clay — thick and pure enough to throw pottery — to pure sand. But with loads of lovely loamy rich soil, just begging to be freed of the choking grass.

Indoors a stack of seed packages have been arranged and examined. Indoor seed starting will begin soon, of herbs and perennials and vegetables. Four days ago the groundhog predicted an early spring — if the weather continues it will happen here, too.

Our first winter here seems forever. I am reminded of the first spring after my husband died, it seemed it would never come. I remember being surprised when the trees and flowers began to bloom again.

The horses and goats have been doing their job of clearing and munching. Unfortunately as the winter advances, many goat does have come back into season. Does this mean our new little billy has been shooting blanks? Hopefully not — it would be disastrous if NONE of our seven does freshened — the only one still being being milked is Lady, the herd matriarch — and her supply is dwindling. Soon she will need to be dried up and prepared for her next kids. Unfortunately day before yesterday she showed clear sign of returning into season, our first real indication we may have a breeding disaster on our hands. We set Walnut with her again — moving her proposed due date back to late June. If Lana (lady’s youngest daughter) took her first time she will freshen in April.  So far she is growing bigger in general, but shows no sign of pregnancy (too soon to tell without ultrasound) — too bad pregnancy tests for humans don’t work for goats!


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