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February Progress
February 17, 2007, 2:14 pm
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We are halfway through February — and though the groundhog had predicted an early spring, it is still too soon to set seed outdoors, and I have no cold frame set up yet, but seeds have been started indoors — my old favorite method, using eggcartons (the paper ones of course). Leek, tomato (three varieties), basil, spinach, lavender (two varieties), hollyhock, larkspur, cosmos, euchinecea, black-eyed susans and sweet peas, for now. The delphinium seeds are in the refrigerator — they germinate better if chilled for two weeksfirst). The trays are lined up along the livingroom window (southern exposure) — except the larskpur seeds, which must germinate in the dark.Outside, the greenhouse sod has been lifted and some topsoil there is being lifted and sent to various plantings. The order from Raintree arrived and is getting planted — blueberries, peaches, currants and pomegranite. One of the smaller bulb beds was cleared of bulbs and is ready to receive garlic (though we will need room for more!). The side front yard has been de-grassed and is now an attractive garden, complete with a path and a small bridge — the garden a combination of herbs and flowers. Along the orchard fence are planted the thornless blackberries.

Buds are building on the trees and vines — and the first daffodils will be blooming soon.

In the barn, the table dragged out of the corner pen and set up with a ramp and ties — and immediately we proclaimed it a hoof trimming day. Five hours and thirty six feet later, we were done! Even Penny got her feet trimmed. Surprisingly, the bigger girls were the easier ones — once they were well restrained, they ceased struggling and were resigned to the process.

In the woods, the yurt area is cleared — many beautiful ash and alder poles for building — and more trail cut. The race is on to get the wild blackberry canes (the ones with the wicked thorns galore) cut and burned before they start spouting…..


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When I was a kid, mom tethered a goat and a sheep in the blackberries. Between the two of them, they ate or dragged down or stomped down every plant. By throwing grain and veggie leavings onto the dirt, we enlisted the chickens to help digging up the soil an roots. Hm. I’ll pet pigs could defeat those plants!

Comment by wolffood

Oh yes indeed I did that with goats on the property in Algona — Penny (a Togg) ate a patch six foot by fifty feet and seven foot high DOWN TO THE GROUND in a mere three months.

Comment by wolffood

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