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Greenhouse is up!
March 5, 2007, 4:13 pm
Filed under: Community On The Earth

It started six days ago, when I built the foundation — twelve by twenty-one foot 2″ x 6″ raised beds (illustration in photos section) — in a “U” shape, with a center bed with higher PH for beets. Once the boards were laid out it took a full day to form the boxes themselves. I had been hoping to get the beds amended the next day but the weather had other ideas — snow again! But now the snow is gone and the greenhouse is up!

It’s about ten foot tall at the highest (slanted roof peaking down the middle) pole frame with a heavy plastic overlay. Red very cleverly designed the west side to roll up, and a frame in the north wall for the box fan. Today we amend soil, lay watering tubing and prepare to start planting. OBOY!

Inside, the shoots are thriving. Many will need transplanting soon — leeks and onions are unruly green threads, lettuce starts are flourishing, as are the sweet peas, tomatoes, basil, cosmos and hollyhocks and black-eyed susans. Slower to sprout are larkspur, echinachea, eggplant and peppers, but there is finally life showing there. Lavender mini beds will need dividing soon. The only complete failure was the columbine — that apparently does better sown directly outdoors.

Inside the front picket fenced yard, a new flower bed had sprung up — between the cherry tree and the pond, an egg-shaped bed. Yesterday we removed sod, then dumped topsoil, sand and compost to form a shallow berm with the cement plant stand (probably will be future home to a gazing ball or something like that). As we wait for the flower seedlings to develop, a temporary cloth will lie over the empty bed, to keep it safe from cats.

Peas have been planted, in one of the outside boxes, the early crop. Wooden trellises at either end, stringing will be next — as soon as we see green shoots.

The compost pile has been divided into thirds, the center has been cleared and will be laid with fresh manure and castoff hay, then covered with the bed of rotting leaves that now rest in the north end of the pile. Once the leaves are pushed to the center row, more fresh stall cleanings (we have an abundance!) will be laid and covered, so that two thirds will be hot, one third ready to use. Hopefully we can continue to use this rotation method, along with  compost piles strategically placed around the planting areas.

Seventeen day until spring!


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