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Twelve days to go
March 10, 2007, 1:32 pm
Filed under: Community On The Earth

Spring is less than two weeks away, the nights are staying around 40 degrees. The greenhouse is performing beautifully. Beet seeds have been planted, as have bush beans and radishes. Lettuce starts are in as well as eggplant and some tomatos. Spinach gets planted today, and onions. The sweet pea seeds and starts are planted (outside the greenhouse, along the yard fence), now to find the right place for the sunflower starts…
More chips are in, just in time for the forecasted rain. Now the front yard is no longer a wide, dull green, but instead a maze of pathways and flowerbeds, soon to be filled with color. In the back the new trees are all planted, and tiny buds are sprouting. Daffodils dot the scene with color, marking the spots for more color to come.
The barn had had a fresh cleaning, the stall contents are now covering the compost piles. The pea beds are ready for stringing. Next I should plot where the corn will grow, and the tomatoes (outside the greenhouse — we plan to have LOTS of tomatoes).
In front, Em has been transforming the central berm from an overgrown mess into a charming thing of beauty, little paths intersecting to a seat overlooking the new strawberry bed. Around the seat are daylily beds (and a place for more flowers later).
In the woods, more trails have been blazed, connecting the back of the barn area to the rest. The Village (directly west of the house) is a large flat area that will be perfect for a round pen and arena, clearing the small trees and brush starts soon. The small trees will be cut and saved for poles, the smaller brush will be piled and burned.
Tomorrow, Daylight savings time will begin, three weeks early. What utter rot — we already rise well before dawn. Oh well, at least I won’t be driving home in the dark.


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