A Place For The Future Past

March 25, 2007, 3:22 am
Filed under: Community On The Earth

yesterday, I did a casual exam on most of the girls — during a scratch and pet, reach down under the right side and gently press and hold, waiting to feel movement (left side is the rumen, it’s easy to mistake the gyrations of a healthy rumen for a kid’s wiggling and kicking). Everyone feels fat and round and quiet — except for Lana! If you will recall, Lana was the very first to go IMMEDIATELY in to raging heat when Walnut first arrived. That would set her due date to April 1st. Next week! Can she really be that close? She doesn’t look at all ready — though her udder has developed somewhat (so far so good!). I suspect her first visit did not take and he was more successful later — but goats are full of surprises. Well, I was going to dry off Lady anyway (she has –er, had the posh corner pen to herself and her very own feed dish). So Lady went into the common pen with Lucy (who was thrilled), Frikka, Frakka, Vikki and Lulu, and Lana has the corner pen — now the birthing pen. Lana was a little nervous being alone (even though she has her buddies in the pen next to her) but really liked having her own feed dish and extra rations.

Lady, however, is pissed. Actually more of a deeply resentful. Poor Lady. Hopefully, she’ll be back in the corner pen with her own kid from Walnut, soon.

But so far the only sign of opcoming fresh milk and new kids is from Lana. One is better than none, but still hoping…


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