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April, finally!
April 4, 2007, 1:20 pm
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No babies yet. Lana is a few weeks away yet I think, and while checking out the other plumper goats, I discovered flutterings inside Frikka — yay! Too early to be sure, but very promising.

Had very special company over — Donna and Roberta! We did the essential tour, taking them out along freshly cut trails, showing some of our favorite spots –Tanglewood Trail, Fairie Grotto, Misery Creek, the Money Stump, Dameon’s Tower, The Village area, plus many many others.

Donna took lots of photos, yay! I also took Donna out to the wonderful Rainbow Falls state park that is literally right across the road from us. At home, the greenhouse, barn, gardens, yurt area was peeked into and photos taken. Such a lovely day! And of course, right after Donna and Roberta left, we stumbled into yet another magical forest glen — it wasn’t hard this place seems to be loaded with them. More to share the next visit.

Weather is slowly warming. Nightly frosts are the usual, with days gradually getting slightly warmer. Buds are appearing on the fruit trees — yay! In the forest, the trees are waking. Also the enemies — blackberry bushes, among others, are sprouting — boo-hiss! Getting a work party in there soon will be on the agenda.

For a week we were blessed with Joshua, Em’s eldest grandson. Poor lad is struggling to deal with a horrible home situation at present — due to an unforseen string of happenings, for a few weeks Josh and his brother, mother and dad have been essentially homeless, living with a drunken abusive elder relative. For Joshua (at twelve) it has been the hardest, so Em and Red snatched him for a week while his parents struggle to get into their own place. Hehheh this place is a paradise for twelve year old boys — he was a dynamic power; driving the tractor, riding Chance, working hard all day long. At mealtime the usual whining and picking listlessly at his plate disappeared — he was eating big, hearty meals and sleeping soundly, his computer games (and the TV) idle almost the entire time. Magic? maybe not. But this place works on all of us much the same way.

After the week was up, he returned to his folks but with plans to return for spring break — provided he gets his schoolwork caught up. We are all looking forward to his return.


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