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Bugs and Plugs
April 9, 2007, 4:34 pm
Filed under: Community On The Earth

Much is happening here at Dryad’s Rest, the nursery most important and needed. All from collected lumber and supplies, Red and Em crafted a covered stall for the birthing pen (where Lana is the current occupant as we continue Baby Watch). We plan to take photos unless we get lucky and Donna returns for a visit first (hint, hint)…..
Did Norwescon for Easter again, and much excellent PR was done for the place. It looks like we may be the location for another movie, this one a small fan film (fans of Serenity/Firefly). Others want to possibly meet for black powder practices… Had a chance to connect with several friends who were interested in being part of work parties for woods cleansing and simple features made (such as an arena, round pen and rustic stalls). Spoke with a young costumer who wants to intern at Costumes, Period; others who want to connect me to folks doing projects and on and on…I stayed late Friday night but went home early Saturday evening — I am always concerned about my ressessive nercolepsy gene when making the long drive home. So while it would have been fun to stay and dance SIGH my main agenda this con was to do my best to entice (most) folks HERE to Dryad’s Rest…..
Spent most of Sunday catching up with a dear friend and the rest of the day repairing my makeup, I was crying with laughter half the time…

Monday morning dawns showery and chill, cutworm damage in the greehouse again. Computers are a wonderful resource, I had asked the bug pest questions (mostly flies and cutworms) of one of my goat lists and folks pointed me to Buglogical, Inc. (a WONDERFUL resource for natural bug control!). So, an order for nematodes and parasite wasps was placed immediately.
Also in the buggy department, the horses were looking too thin, regardless of the enormous amounts of food we are feeding them. So a fecal sample was dropped off at the local vet. Tapeworms. So they were dosed and their feed adjusted per instructions — and they are already getting sleeker. The extra daily workout is helping, too. Both horses are looking and moving better, Jennifer in particular — she’s going to be a fantastic eventing horse for someone! Being a Perch/Quarter cross she has the Quarterhorse rear and launches herself with amazing speed, while her size leaves you breathless that such a big horse can move so FAST.

In the gardens, the luneria is beginning to bloom while lily and peony shoots are emerging….


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