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No Babies Yet
April 24, 2007, 3:06 pm
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Here at Dryad’s Rest, our little Nubian doe Lana grows bigger every day, and since the original due date came and went (April 1st) we have to assume that the first breeding did not take — so possible later dates would most likely (as she is an average goat) multiples of three weeks, with specific dates blurring as the days slide by. And since we did not start running our little Walnut until about three weeks after his arrival, that pretty much means it could happen any day — we must mostly rely on physical signs of readiness such as loosening of the tail ligaments, swelling of udder, dropping of the baby(ies). So daily I check her, running my hands over her gently as I coo and prod and press. She’s come to adore the examination, stretching her neck up and tilting her head up, looking adoringly up at me as her long ears flop back. Any day now.

The other goats have become a tribe, with Walnut taking the lead very seriously.

 Walnut  JoAnne with Walnut

Daily they will travel out on their own now to the lower field (which we have opened to them), with Walnut fussing over any stragglers. If the herd gets split he will race back and forth until he decides which half to herd back to the other — sometimes they have other ideas of course. It’s a comedy that plays all day.

In the gardens, the grapes are beginning to sprout — even the ones I brought from Algona (we were worried that they would not survive). The potato beds have been started, and since we like to do things in portions around here, the first third of the lower bed is planted. As the beds get finished (in the next few weeks) the remaining potato crop will go in, so as to extend the potato harvest). The second round of tomato plants are well started in the kitchen window — soon the nights will be warm enough to trust them outside. Out in the gardens the tomato beds have been started — the lower bed almost ready for the first plants. The asparagus is in full sprout but we might let this year go full into recovery and growth, and not cut the sprouts.

In the woods, the Village is getting cleaned of brambles, ash and alder, and the trails extended. I was able to cut straight on through to the far west side — happily there seems to be the remains of a road most of the way making the way easier than I thought it would be. And the places back there that I found, oh my! trails leading to beautiful little glens, a dry shortcut to the southwest corner meadow, and much more.

The horses are getting worked every day, even if it’s just ground work and manners. Progress is being made with the new mare, she is catch-in-the-throat pretty when she gets going! Costuming is continuing to come together for horse events later in the year….

Garbage area has been cleaned and organized, hooray! places for glass, plastic, aluminum, other metals, compostable, burnable.


With the weather warming, the mornings and evenings are becoming a magic time — time to make a big mug of coffee or tea and sit in the woods. Listen to the wind play through the trees, the birds and frogs and insects. There must be at least three dozen species of bird out here and they are all in full spring lust mode, thumping and calling, whirring and singing and chirping. Time to sit back and listen…….


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They have photos now — which they can post if they tell me which ones to load! I still have many pretty pictures on my PC.

Comment by wolffood

Heh heh An excellent point I’ll get right on that one…!


Comment by wolffood

Hey great shot of Walnut — and that must be my fertility chant I’m throwing on him there….

Comment by wolffood

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