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LOTS of baby goats!
June 3, 2007, 3:44 am
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As of this moment, the count stands officially at ELEVEN baby goats, with one last doe yet to kid.  All births fairly simple except for one — Frakka had one big boy (Wonka) that did not get out easily — when finally born, she immediately rejected him. Emilie did a heroic job in bringing him back to life…. He had been stuck for so long his little jaw was out of alignment and his face swollen.  We used a baby medication tube (it looks like a miniature turkey baster) and fed him a teaspoonful of goat colostum and milk at a time.  Now, two weeks later he’s a boisterous bottle baby and doing great!  He even is teaching the other babies that bottles are good things 😉  While the moms are out at pasture we feed them a diluted milk mixture, Wonka is first in line to eat and the other babies got the idea very quickly 😉

Where the future dairy will be (just south of the barn) Emilie has created a marvelous sitting area that Mom travels out to sit and watch them play and bounce and run and bounce and jump and bounce oh did I mention they BOUNCE??? Like they are wearing springs on their feet!

Let’s see, Lana was first (William and Winston) then Lulu (Wendy and Wanda) then Frakka (Wonka) then Frikka (Willow and Whipple) then Penny (Wascal E. and Wabbit) then Lucy (Whisper and Wuanita).  Lastly will be whatever comes out of Callie.  Unfortunately Lady and Vicki did not take this time around…..

and….the first batch of fresh goat cheese has been made and sampled, yum!

My sister Jenny came for a ten day visit and it was too short a time to have her.  She was able to look about and see all that’s underway but most importantly was able to visit with Mom and see she’s doing well. 

The aviary is now ready for the arrival of the jumbo chinese ringneck chicks — who unfortunately their shipment was delayed two weeks because of the hatchery’s computer screw-up ;-(  Two weeks later will come the guinea chicks.

The bit of land just east of the house is getting a facelift into a delightful fairy bower and kid magnet 😉 Emilie has done a fabulous job twining branches and clearing brambles…. The year round spring was cleaned up and flow was restored to the lower pumphouse, enabling us to irrigate with springwater (and save on wear and tear of our master well and pump).  This is a good thing because the days are already hot and very dry — and the growing gardens are thirsty.  Salad, anyone?

In the forest the most wonderful discoveries have been made — little meadows and glens, and multitudes of wildflowers — white daisy and red columbine and purple iris and pink wild roses — enough roses for making lots of rose beads…trails continue to be cut through the woods, fresh deertrack is everywhere…..

The beeboxes have been sorted out and set up, awaiting their first residents…..

The lower pastures and meadows have dried out, leaving the most wonderful areas for camping and playing — we eagerly await the first of many many events…..

The wood for the yurt floorplan is almost all together — soon, it goes up!  HOORAY!!


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