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Triumphs and challenges
June 17, 2007, 3:25 am
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Thirteen babies — eleven in the barn, two in the house. Callie, the last holdout (and a first freshener) decided to have hers at 6am instead of sensibly, in the midafternoon like everyone else. And she had three, a boy and two girls. But as she was having the third she laid on and squashed the boy, who had come first. Very sad.

Afterwards, she was cleaning and cooing and apparently nursing the girls, but at some point in the night she decided that this nursing stuff was just too weird and stopped feeding them. Come morning they were cold and unresponsive, laid out flat in the pen. So, into the house they came for emergency revival and care. The spotted girl (Wikka) bounced back and began to eat with gusto, but the tiny one (Winnifred) remained in serious shape for a few days. Now, a week later and she’s finally up and behaving like a goat — even though she’s still very small. Instead of bleating like her older sister, she peeps — or rather meeps. Very cute.


The deer are getting bolder, coming into the garden yard and poking around brazenly (the former owner Mr Carl had given up on having his vegetable garden — where the greenhouse now stands — because of the deer coming right up and munching veggies). Day before yesterday Em was standing on the porch and watched as a BIG buck came up to the greenhouse and peeked in the door (which we keep ajar during hot days) — he was clearly remembering good things to eat in that very same location years past. He turned to look at her, they had a staredown for a minute or so (she didn’t move for fear of spooking him THROUGH the greenhouse), then he casually turned and walked away. I see does all the time, and a doe with two babies were visiting the horses yesterday. Very interesting!


The shop continues to chug along, but a shift will be happening soon — school events will cease and summer activities continue, including weddings and fairs. But now my summer duties (Seattle Knights and Camlann) are kicking in and taking over more precious hours of daylight. Actually, Camlann has taken them all over with rehearsals after work three nights a week and soon weekends (Saturday and Sunday, last seven weekends of July and August). Gas is still a concern, with the price hovering around $3 a gallon. At home, we struggle to keep on track with new projects — such as raising baby jumbo chinese ringneck pheasants, they are in the horsetrailer which has been converted to the need in the aviary. And the problems. Tractor is down, and there’s something killing the chickens, we suspect big raccoons feeding families. So projects like clearing new areas and settling up round pens and building quaint sheds and huts is taking a backseat in the ever changing list of priorities. Very challenging.

Solstice is but a day or so away — the longest day of the year, very wonderful……


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