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Days of Summer, Days of Heaven
July 13, 2007, 7:30 am
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Summer is here, in all its glory…days of hot weather and rapid growth….In the greenhouse, cauliflower has grown faster than we can harvest and eat, the herbs are lush, the cabbage making fast progress, the tomatoes are all thriving….

Outside the greenhouse deer have been nibbling, but since the fourth of July there have been few sightings, they are still out there but not as bold as before.  Which is fine with me, because they can be as devastating as the goats ever were (and still are, if one leaves the garden gate open. Ahem).  The roses have remained untouched but corn and blueberries have suffered.  So, barriers are being built but alas will not reach full effectiveness this year.  SIGH that will be one for next year, at least the blueberries will have a chance to get well established. 

 Speaking of the 4th, I can with great relief report that out here it was far far quieter.  Granted, it honestly could have not been much worse (than perhaps actually living ON a reservation) than the old place in Algona….But around here are farmers who are growing stuff like hay, and a stray bottle rocket could be source of disaster — almost NO family displays of fireworks from my neighbors.  Have I mentioned that all the views from the house are woods? No neighbors in sight.  Heaven.

On the hill, the yurt is making steady progress — the supports have been set and the floor is going up and it’s only one or two paychecks away from being finished.  Once that is done then the official call for all hands will go out, for the yurt will be ready for complete assembly.  One very exciting note, Red’s parents will be investing in a composting toilet for them, which is very wonderful news, in fact the best of all possible solutions to the challenge of septic system choices.

Meanwhile important guests have visited — Judith and Terry (with the kids) who have not been at Dryad’s Rest since when the weather was cold and nasty and muddy.  Now the woods are glorious and perfect for kids to play.  Also one of my bestest costuming friends Richard Stevens and his lovely wife LeAnn; and good friend Jacob Priestley of Camlann — all were given the nickel tour are being encouraged to come back and play, often. 

Goat babies are growing fast, with two of the largest boys reserved for clients.  Milk production is going very well, with regular batches of cheese and gallons of milk being frozen for future use.  In the packing department Wonka made a splendid impression during the Pe Ell fourth of July parade, carrying his adorable packs stuffed with flowers — about halfway through the parade he realized what a charming and yummy load he was carrying and would stop and take a nibble, which the crowd found delightful.  At the end of a very long and hot afternoon when Emily sat down on the curb for a break he jumped up into her lap and put his head on her shoulder — and instantly fell asleep.   Very cute.  Emily herself made quite a stunning picture, in a purpleish burgandy skirt and a black velvet Ren corset and white chemise.  In fact, nobody recognized her — she had to remind them.  

The horses are getting ridden regularly now, though somedays just bareback briefly.  Still, baby steps are best sometimes — big Jennifer is becoming accustomed to us more and more.  Chance is looking magnificent and getting regular exercise and all the grazing he wants. 

SIGH there’s never enough time!  

Time for a cup of tea…. 


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