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September’s here!
September 2, 2007, 5:48 pm
Filed under: Community On The Earth

The summer is flying by, without a chance to write…Lady had her babies, Wallace and Whimsy. Camlann has come and gone with extreme mileage put in, a major part of the experience has been driving. My precious daughter and her husband have bid adieu and moved to the East coast (Baltimore). The shop has been busy as well, with a few enormously complicated custom orders (and it looks like this fall will be very very busy, not one but two full productions are on the books as well as Halloween). And during all of this, preparations were being made for the first (of a hopefully annual event) Dryad’s Rest Open House, over Labor Day weekend…..

The woods were prepped for an orienteering/puzzle game — fresh trails cut and clues set up. It was a new experience playing the gamemaster — but my years with the local mounted orienteering chapter came in handy as the course was set. Granted, this game would be on foot, but it could be easily expanded in the future to accommodate horses for a mounted version. After the first day, I am well pleased. Not only were the first gamers successful at completing the game, they learned a new skill — using a compass and map reading. Hopefully as the years go by, the woods (and trails) will develop and make each successive game more interesting and fun. Besides, it’s the perfect way to give a tour of the property.

And archery course was set up at the Village site — though for now the concept of an actual village is only in the planning stage. Still, brush was cleared and whacked down, a straw bale target set up with a painted bullseye and netting stretched behind as a backstop.

And Emily outdid herself with the menu — roasted goat (Red did a smoked version), assorted goat cheeses and a huge pot of borscht. Most of the guests have not eaten goat before, and they were well served, very tasty (Thank you, Frikka). Marsee and her husband brought some of his fabulous award-winning apple pies — yum! Sunday morning Em whipped up a souffle, yum!

Saturday we had perfect weather and a good turnout, Sunday promises to be quieter, with more folks rolling Monday. A fun time to be had by all…..


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