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November is for visiting and preserving…
November 19, 2007, 11:17 pm
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We were lucky to have Donna over for a visit — we used venison as bait, heh. And Em prepared a succulent dish of pan fried in butter liver, heart and kidneys (that she had soaked in milk for 24 hours) stewed in onion gravy. All needed to sustain us for the nature walk later….

I love having Donna over. If I can get her out into the woods again, I really must bring a notepad for she is a fountain of information. In theses cool and wet days of November, the mushrooms are coming out like crazy and she helped to ID several species. Elven Saddles, Puffballs, several Boletas, Dead Man’s Fingers (isn’t THAT a great name!), and many many more… Funny thing is, the most prized edible mushroom ended up being right in front of the house, coming up in the center of the drive-around (at the base of the huge fir tree). There are two patches of Prince mushrooms coming up with regularity, caps as big as saucers. And several other giant boletas in the herb garden and fern garden. She also suggested that several of the rotting stumps could be seeded with spores as they are perfect feeding grounds for growing more edibles. (later note: a couple of local friends who are long time mushroom hunters are helping us ID the edibles, so no worries there — we are taking every precaution)

I also visited with a dear friend (Steven Barnes, while he was in Portland for Orycon — how nice to be located halfway between Portland and Seattle) who gave me some tips for listing Dryad’s Rest online for consideration as a possible film location. There’s several things that (besides the knockout views) make this place so attractive — central location (remote yet local), good year round roads, completely fenced, lots of completely wild views (good for period films) of many kinds — meadows, deep forest, trails, etc. Room for crews and areas that can be made available for parking and storage (front field). Lots of possibilities there.

We have been drying apples and venison jerky — mmmmm, what an interesting combination of smells, filling the house. And Em has been experimenting with making fruit leathers too, mmm

Time to go sample a piece…


Happy Birthday, Dryad’s Rest!
November 1, 2007, 3:58 am
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A year ago today, (Halloween) the funding came through and we were officially owners of Dryad’s Rest — though we had actually moved in a few days earlier (thank the gods — just before that crazy first freeze — true portent of the winter to come!). We’ve come so far in a year with so much to come — it is still hard for me to believe. Then the dawn breaks and I lookd outside and I can’t help but stare and look around me in wonder. Oh the possibilities…..

Sharing this magnificent treasure has made it even more wonderful and I look forward to much more. The Labor Day weekend bash was a giant success — already planning for next year’s event. More trails, another game, hopefully for horses too. Then there’s the Willapa trail — oh the possibilities!

So today I celebrated by taking the loppers up Tanglewood Trail and went trail lopping, cleaning the topline. Em and I then gathered rose hips for drying and made a batch of venison jerky.. Tonight I will light every candle in the house and raise a glass of wine to toast and give thanks for a wonderful first year.