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April, Then May…
May 7, 2008, 5:33 pm
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then May…

Where did April go? Mostly spent shivering as the weather was truly vile. We got one or two splendid warm days, just enough to tease us cruelly. Then it would turn and with a vengence.

Inside the greenhouse though, we are thriving. Lots of lettuce and spinach, and this seasons crop of beets is coming along great — we should be able to dine on borscht by June. Certainly we will be able to feature it for the summer event in July….

Ah the summer event! The local costuming guild I belong to has regular seasonal costumed events, and this year’s summer event will be hosted by Dryad’s Rest. The theme has yet to be ironed out but it will either be rococco shepardesses or castaway shipwreck victims. I figure I can make my orienteering game fit for either theme. And the hard work beautifying and creating sitting/visiting areas will pay off — we will need places for about 30 folks to lounge about in. And there will be overnight campers — maybe we could prepare the Village area to be a neighboring town ….. oh what fun!


After some delicious egg dishes (courtesy of the guineas and pheasants) most of them were butchered and put in the freezers for future delectable eating. I say MOST because we chose three males and females to release and hopefully repopulate the property. Unfortunately the guineas are entirely unsuitable for free range. They are too stupid to outwit the local raccoons and coyotes. So rather than lose the last to the wildlife, it was decided that the remainer of the flock be rounded up and eaten by us instead of the critters. The pheasants however, are much better at staying alive….

One especially striking male we have dubbed Hercules because he clearly is the most magnificent. And oh my he knows it! And he has been staying close — claiming Dryad’s Rest as his own personal domain. Some folks have peacocks roaming their grounds but no, we have pheasants.