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Ahhhh…. warm weather at last
June 1, 2008, 6:07 pm
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At last, at last, warm weather has returned with some regularity. Not that the cold slowed us down any, mind you! It’s just that much more pleasant to be digging and hauling and raking and sawing and hammering etc etc etc in lovely warm weather. Of course, the coolness has kept the snowmelt at bay.

Monday will be six months since The Flood.

Let’s stop for a brief dose of local politics, shall we? The good is that the landscapes, roadsides, fields are slowly returning to normal. Many local hayfields have had to be scraped to remove the several inches of caked pottery that used to be toxic flood mud and asphalt and rock. Fences are being repaired everywhere, the remaining damaged homes repaired and rebuilt. I say remaining because the last eight homes of Leudinghaus and River Road that were condemned were torn down Saturday, rubble removed. Eight now empty lots that had homes filled with families six montths and one week ago and were sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.

Some new homes are coming in. In the fields hay and vegetable gardens started, chicken coops returning, calves being born to the remaining cattle.

Now for the rest.

Apparently, (it was shared to us at a local town meeting) the state paid Weyerhauser $2 million to remove flood debris from the roads and streets. That’s PAID, not invoiced for the removal of. The locals were not happy to hear that. Also, it is remarkably quiet about the removal (prior to the flood) of a hillside of trees — the hillside that is directly above Hwy 6 on the west of Pe Ell (the one that was blocked for a month afterwards and the home next to it destroyed by the mudslide). Apparently that hillside does not belong to Weyerhauser but to the son of the local sawmill. And what about those four new lakes in the local hills? The ones that were created by “natural dams”, that Weyerhauser term for mudslides caused by current logging practices? So the cool, dry weather is welcome around here.

And, we will not be getting our bridges back for some time — an estimate of two years was given us. Apparently, there is some concern of what the receding waters will reveal in the coming summer. A-PAR-ent-ly there is a certain discrepancy with the report of how many animals went missing and what was recoved — alive or dead. Where are the rest? And what else is hiding under the waters of the Chehalis? So, some dredging is being proposed. Divers have been seen checking areas around the bridges.


Now back to the goings-on around Dryad’s Rest…

Emily has been wattling around the place, is is getting quite the transformation job. The blueberries have been completely enclosed, save for the top. The yard fence is getting a wattle treatment, as well as part of the inner yard. And I’ve been busy too — I made an arbor archway over the hole in the picket fence that stretched between thw pump house and the garage. All from salvaged lumber! Not a bad job — funny that the four finial toppers cost more than the whole dang thing — and paint– cost, at $5 apiece.

And the side of the garage that used to have a spiny, useless plant growing across it has had the plants removed and a platform (made from covered pallets) set alongside it. It WAS planned to be a simple patio but once the pallets got lined up and plywood laid it bacame — a stage! It really does command a perfect spot in the yard, with entrances on either side.

And the side yard to the east of the greenhouse had black plastic put down for several months to kill the grass, plans were made to remove the sod and install cement pavers. The only thing stalling that project was the cost of the cement — at nearly $3 a bag, we’d need at least thirty-five bags — and a new mixer. Yuck.

It was when I was out walking the trails, gathering large stones for firepits when I decided to instead use rocks. We certainly have plenty. And most are river rock, with at least one smooth side. Heh, I LOVE FREE!! Work progresses nicely, about one third rock laid, with a pretty trellis set up along the guywire between the apple tree and fence corner, and lights strung in the tree…

And the pool area got it’s drainage pipes covered, more playground sand laid and pretty shells set about. It is now a beach!  And a nice big pile of wood waits for the first bonfire. All we need now is to have the metal sides painted plus railings and stairs installed. Until then I have stretched the plastic cover over it all to keep the cats out.


So, there is no such thing as a day off here at Dryad’s Rest!