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No Small Miracles
January 12, 2007, 5:40 am
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Looking back, I think my blue truck was an agent, trying to protect me. It got stuck that morning alongside my snowy driveway, at the beginning of the latest nasty weather — wind, snow, ice, etc. I felt I needed to get into town for some errands and Swash practice (upcoming demo at Rustycon) so I borrowed Em and Red’s truck. I got into town well enough, but the trip home was the adventure. Leaving Seattle at 8:30 pm and headed south, the news reports filled with tales of spinouts, collisions and abandoned cars everywhere — the storm had already passed Seattle and was headed south, with icy temps behind.

About halfway home, right about Fort Lewis, I was travelling about 50 in the far left lane, snow had stopped but the roads were wet. Just as the car in the lane next to me guns up and crosses ahead of me I hit ice, just as I was getting off the gas. I could feel the wheels leave the pavement as we started to spin. I managed to control it long enough to avoid the car in back to the right of me, but lost it soon after, going completely around. I passed back towards the center and into the concrete barrier, punching it with the front, rotating to finally rest — picture this — in the tiny single car-wide left shoulder, almost but not touching the concrete barrier along my right side (I was facing oncoming traffic) the fast lane of oncoming traffic to my immediate left.

For three frozen seconds I watched the oncoming surge of traffic that had been immediately behind me and had surely seen my drama unfolding before them — I could only pray they could avoid me — which they did. Though due to the gentle curve in the freeway the view of the second row of trucks would be blocked until almost too late — who passed without incident after moving back over into the left lane.

The next miracle was that traffic broke for almost a quarter mile (or at least it seemed to me) and I was able to realize that if I stayed where I was I would surely die — it had almost already happened but it didn’t I gunned that puppy and hoping hard I swung out and over the three briefly empty lanes and around to the right shoulder and off the road, before traffic began pouring by again.

Whew. The front lights were busted the right front tire was blown, the fender punched in and the fan blade was rattling. But it was still running, that was something.

I looked around. No one had stopped. Did they even reach for their cell phones and call it in? I went back and secured the truck and headed on foot to the next exit, Fort Lewis. Unfortunately the only exit around with no gas stations or markets.

The next miracle took the form of Sgt Steven G who stopped at the odd sight of a lone woman walking next to the freeway during an ice storm at night and gave me aide. Delivered me all the way home (sixty miles one way) safe and sound. Thank you, Steven, my friends thank you too.

It was not luck. Luck is once or twice, finding a dollar bill on the ground. I was shielded. Em thinks it’s this place, Dryad’s Rest, that has adopted us, more than that — has laid claim to us. We were reminded (and not for the first time) to next time, LISTEN to the land and not try to leave its warm folds, to go out into the treacherous world. OOOkayyy


Why Look, Toto — It’s Tuesday
October 25, 2006, 3:53 am
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…And we still have not closed. The Carls signed Thursday, which gave me a premature sense of euphoria, in imagining us moved in and settled, over the weekend. What a lovely, light-filled fantasy that was! And the weather was glorious, too. Em, Red and Michael and I did drive down and look around the barn and garage and yurt area somewhat though. But because I had not signed yet, it was too soon to move anything, even into the barn.

Monday came and went, with the last minute flurry of suddenly vital HUD statements and the latest bank statements. Today creaked agonizingly along, with me jumping at every phone call, praying that we would schedule a closing signing this evening and I could get my grubby, anxious hands on the keys. But nothing. Finally about 4 PM Maria called to update me, and I asked what was the possibility of signing and moving tomorrow (my last day off until after Halloween). Not very good, a slim chance. Great, I grumped. Swell. We would close and I wouldn’t be able to move in for days. And this weekend, the biggest weekend of the year for a costume shop, would command my attendance during the day. And Michael, who turns 21 on the 29th, would not be able to help us later Saturday, he is looking forward to celebrations with his friends.

So I whined, and Maria back to her phone and did her best to move things along. And now we hear that the documents from the bank will be in first thing in the morning. So I may be doing a morning signing, then immediately plunging into an abbreviated version of what I had been planning last weekend — moving and setting up just the essentials, then getting Red and Em kickstarted in the weekend move (which will be their stuff and when they move onto the property). In between I will swing by the vacated home in Algona, filling the car with more boxes on the way home from work.

Oh well, nothing to do except go with the flow. Kind of what I was doing 21 years ago. I was three weeks late, looked like I was having twins, had made myself a huge devil woman dress for Halloween. Then boom, I had Michael two days before Halloween. And I can assure you, that was one Halloween I had absolutely no interest in at all. So I guess this Halloween won’t be quite that tough. I hope!

Clearing the Field…
October 17, 2006, 1:29 pm
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TransUnion has investigated, found Not On File, and deleted those two “tax liens” that were plaguing me, and now I am cleared for takeoff. There was a last minute change in title companies, so there is that wrinkle to iron out, hopefully Hometown Escrow is highly competant and can get done what needs to get done by Friday. Otherwise, we will not be able to move this weekend.

It’s a horrible thought, because that means, that while Red will be back from Union School to help us, unfortunately I will have to work the costume shop during the day, taking huge daylight chunks out of both Saturday AND Sunday. If we were able to move THIS weekend I expect to work Saturday, moving one load before and one after work, then move move move all Sunday, making Sunday moving Mom and goats day.

AND moving this weekend would give us TWO weeks to get the barn ready for Chance, who is coming November 5th.

So, loan is ready, fingers are crossed…light a candle, say a mantra..



Another hurtle crossed
October 8, 2006, 1:58 pm
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Twelve days until closing.

The appraiser has finally submitted, and her report accepted. So now those pesky liens. Monday morning I will brave Seattle Monday morning rush hour traffic and go in with hopes of getting an official letter from someone at the King County Courthouse clearing my name with them. This letter will be faxed to both TransUnion (hopefully into the inbox of the helpful man who gave specific instructions on what to do and who to send it to — unlike the other unhelpful voices on the phone). The letter alone may be enough for the all-powerful Underwriter. If not, TransUnion can extradite the issue and clear me hopefully in time (I would think that a company in the business of providing information would want correct information — and as soon as possible).

As that nice helpful man said, there’s always something you can do.

Today I will ride again. Last Sunday was the first day in I’m ashamed to admit how long ago — months since I was out on horseback. And the first trail ride in over a year. Gotta get the horse department brought up to date, and fast. Chance will be used quite alot, in various ways. every time Red or Em bring up getting an ATV to do small to medium sized chores I remind them we’ll have Chance to help us. I’d like to continue to pursue a simpler way of doing things, besides, it will be more interesting for Chance, he’s completely bored these days. The activity and constant interaction will do him good.
So today’s ride helps get me introduced to riding again too, riding fence lines will be a constant chore. I also want to develop trails….

Twelve days.

Labor Day weekend
September 3, 2006, 2:21 am
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I’ll be celebrating Labor Day weekend by — what else — laboring 😉 This will be the big push to complete several looming projects, including the Adelines. Or at least make mightly progress with all of them. Because the push is on to plump up all accounts as full as they can be — making the most of this normally slack time. For a new home deal is in the works, finally!
Happily, thanks to a recent payment of a long-fought fight has come through (for those who truly wish to hear a lurid tale of betrayal, deceit and dogged tenacity, just ask me to tell the tale of Dick) my assets have never looked better. And this during what is normally my lowest ebb, business-wise! Next, I think I will be facing how to efficiently move myself and my mom just before Halloween, Ah, good times, good times!

Once more, into the breach….
September 1, 2006, 3:15 am
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Yesterday Maria, Emilie, Red and I went to check out a couple of sites, the 58+ acre and the 1880’s farmhouse (with 14.5 acres). The 1880’s one was cute, but the land was bad — stuck into a hillside that hung out over a road, with a blind corner on the second driveway.

Then we went to the 58+ acres one, the one I’ve been truly eager to see. It’s an interesting house, built around a single wide mobile home. I know I exclaimed NO MOBILE HOMES but the extent of the building around the frame of the original home was completely stickbuilt, remodelling done to the extent that it is no longer considered a mobile home. The guy completely went through it and then built out in both directions, installing a huge living room plus a couple of utility rooms on the other side. And on the property is a fully ready small barn, plus a detached two car garage (enclosable for winter-over storage).

It’s zoned forest, with three acres pulled for residential. That’s why the taxes are so low. I can pull acreage as I need it, and still run trails and pens and outbuildings for goats and horses. Well planned they should not conflict with the forestry zoning.

The roads are good all the way — right off of Hwy 6 just down the road from the town of Dryad. (look that up, Donna — it’s just down south and over a bit for you — you could stop in on your way to or from Norwescon hee hee).

The perimeter is fenced — saving on major fencing costs as well as eliminating the need for a surveyor.

Puget Power very recently sank the overhead powerlines (upgrading the gravel driveway as they did, thank you!)

The south border runs along a abandoned rail trail that apparently is used for hikers and horses — foot traffic only. The trail runs all the way into Chehalis (I think — 16 miles away).

It’s move-in ready for humans now, and with some minor fencing installed, for the animals too. Oh, a circle drive (for horse trailers).

Now the bad: Em and Red fear it’s too far a commute for them (80 miles, it touches the outer perimeter of their ability to travel) It’s an hour and a half from the shop, with good traffic. It’s also not got a seperate dwelling ready for them, I’d have to install a small mobile or similar for whoever I contract to come out and help.

So that’s a decision they will need to make.

In the meantime it’s got a great place for Mom — both bedrooms are large and have their own full bath. The enclosed front yard should be very easy for her to get to and enjoy, and there is a big deck out the front (outside the large living room). Oh yes — the deck is wrapped around a three foot deep, 24′ wide pool. The pool is set up for swimming but that will change. I could see a covering and a transformation into more deck space or a small courtyard garden or even a fish raising pool — lots of possibility there!

Can you tell, I like this place?

More soon….

And away we go….
August 23, 2006, 6:29 am
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Maria’s a wonder. She’s managed to dredge up several promising prospects, one actually topping the Yelm site (which was about 56 acres), this latest is a home on 58 acres (believe it or not priced less than the Yelm one), plus a few others. Next week we’ll be busy checking them out…..

The biggest challenge is of course, finding an acceptable parcel as close in as we can afford, as well as keeping somewhat close for those of us who have to commute. Availabilility of nearby medical facilities is also key, and good roads. Sorry, Donna — Clallum Bay is just too far…..