A Place For The Future Past

March 18, 2008, 6:44 pm
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This is Dryad’s Rest as it looks today. We are planning a work and fun con, that we hope will become a tradition in the fannish community.


We will have panels on all the powerhouse rural activities most fans don’t get enough opportunity to experience.

The cons will start, of course, with the safety panels. Then it will be on to Walls of Dread, Building the Nile, Capricorn’s River, the Forests of Avalon or the Wild Boar Hunt — otherwise known as building the fences, ditching the creek, milking the goats, planting trees or handling the piglets (that one’s still under discussion).

Lunch will be light — sandwiches, fruits, lots of water and choice of drinks. When all the panels are over, there will be the Evening Feast — featuring our professional cook, Emily, using many of our farm-raised goodies. For instance, whole wheat Irish soda bread, loaded with currents, apple pie with cinnamon, dill and maple syrup, tender-roasted goat in a deep-dish pastry with herbs and red potatoes raised at Dryad’s Rest, our own jalepeno goat cheese, and Emily’s own rose syrup over ice cream.

Don’t think you’ll like goat? Think: the most tender delicious venison you’ve ever tasted. This is meat from happy, clean-raised animals .


Emily’s always baking; here’s her chocolate cake:

Chocolate Cake